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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Border / Outline Nails

I must admit, I was NOT a fan of this look when I first saw it. Simple concept: a thin border all along the edges of the nail. It looked strange, and pointless - it'd require a new manicure once a week, just due to that line moving as the nail grows!

And then it occurred to me that I redo my polish at least that often anyway, so that really wasn't much of a reason to avoid it. I also think the color scheme when I first saw it was a bit of a turn off - a very light cream/fleshtone, with a black outline. Just looked like dirty nails.

Yuck. No, thank you.

As I thought about it a bit, though, I realized it really wouldn't be that hard to turn it into something I'd like. Apply a palette shift, break up that stark, solid line with a little filigree, and voila! You have a frame for whatever picture you want to feature on your fingers today.

It is, after all, nail Art!

Freehand filigree is always a great way to fill up an empty space. This look, I think, I could get used to.

Here's a closer look at the detail on those fingers - each is a bit different, which is both fun to do and keeps it looking hand-drawn, since you're not going to find a press-on pattern or stamp that's just a little bit different for every finger:

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