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Friday, August 16, 2013

Wrapping presents for a man

Wrapping gifts is a fun way to prolong the anticipation of a new gift. It allows (forces?) creativeness in color and design. It's. fun way to let someone know you care... So why are so infernally few present wrapping suggestions out there masculine at all?
Flowery papers, silk ribbon, and curly colorful bows are great for some people.Unfortunately, for my hubby, they don't exactly speak his language. 

So for his birthday tomorrow, I've decided to go with something a bit more masculine. 

It's still possible to show some artistic flare in gift giving sans the glitter and grosgrain. Brown paper can stay as-is, or it makes a fantastic canvas for the family artist on which to add manly ventures. Coarse twine combines the fantastic combination of utilitarian functionality and all the tender smoothness of barbed wire.  For bonus points, a decorative knot (the one here is a lanyard knot) takes the place of a bow. 

Bubbles, and taking a backseat

My creative muscles have been flexing lately, and while my nails ate still getting some attention (as in today's bubbles), they're not the only thing on my mind. 

So while nails will remain a major feature of this blog, they're going to start having some company in the form of other crafts I've made. Hopefully, they'll be as entertaining to the reader as my polish offerings have provided. ;)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Neon Rainbow

Neon colors rarely call to me, so when they do, I listen!

This rainbow of incredibly bright colors is topped with a lattice of bubbles which have their own shine to show they're wet.