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Friday, October 26, 2012


Some simple shimmery nails for the season. Deep dark green & gold for goth or goblin girls, pretty pearly pinkish purples for princesses.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Autumn or Halloween Nails" request

Well it wasn't super specific, but I had a request to do a Halloween or autumn design. So lacking further direction (and pretty much all inspiration. It's been a tough week), I grabbed what I had in front of me and set to work. I think for a gray scale design, they turned out pretty all right!

 Firstly, Halloween. It doesn't get much Halloween...-y? -ier?... than skulls, bats, witches, & spiders. And they work beautifully in black, white, & silver.

I went ahead and kept the palate I had (pardon the pun) at hand, and did some digging for autumn designs. Falling leaves for fall. Success! One complete manicure, matching in color even with two vastly disparate design schemes. Mission Accomplished!

And also, look how well they go with my new cup. How awesome is THAT? :D *giggles*

In other nail news, earlier this week I was sporting a simple hounds-tooth pattern in gold & black. It was fun, but actually ended up being dressier than I anticipated. I'm thinking I may come back to that idea closer to New Year's Eve.

Today, I went by Sally's Beauty supply. We were in the area. It called out to me. I occasionally just have to go and browse the clearance bins. And the new releases. And poke around for anything else that sparkles.
Don't Judge Me!

So anyway, I grabbed a bottle of Cast A Spell out of this year's Halloween collection by China Glaze. It's a green so dark it's almost black, with microglitter flecks of green and gold suspended in it. I'm in love.

And at Target, found a Revlon double-ended polish stick on clearance, with one side in a dark green camouflage green and the other a clear-coat with suspended gold flecks. Pretty! Clearance rocks.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dots & Doodles, and Terrible Cuticles

I think the title says it all.

Apologies for the cuticles. I have some excuse - my hubby & I just made an offer on a house!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn elegance

Summer is finally drawing to a close, and with it tank tops and t-shirts are getting packed away to make room for wool and flannel. Or evening gowns. Whatever it is you wear to the grocery store.

Either way, it's sure to go great with a matte or satin finish polish, tipped with just a touch of sparkle. Bring on the fall!