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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm going to have a sister!

My baby brother is engaged! Wedding plans are proceeding nicely, and I'll be a bridesmaid. Or matron. Or possibly just comic relief in a matching dress. Who cares? I'll be doing nails for the bride!

We're still hashing out a plan for dresses to go with various body types, and all the fun that is planning a wedding. I, for one, am just worried about the nails. ;)

The chosen wedding colors were inspired by a bouquet. As an Aggie, I'm VERY glad the chosen shade for our dresses is the purple, not the burnt orange. Otherwise, I might burst into flame. Then it'd be burnt Aggie, and I doubt that'd fit so well into the color scheme. It'd just be bad.

So, the bride's nails will be conservative and understated and traditional. She's beautiful to begin with, and all brides are beautiful, and she's going to be breathtaking. However, with the bride going with such an incredibly polished and reserved look, we need some pop of color on the bridesmaids. Gradient to the rescue!

Well, it was a fun gradient & I think the colors match pretty well, but I get the impression the other bridesmaids aren't quite as willing to push the envelope as I am. Oh, well ;)   So, now that that look is boring, we have orange to purple gradient, upcycled!

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