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Monday, September 17, 2012

Snake skin

Slithering your way today - snakeskin nails! I've seen actual snakeskin nails - trimming shed skin meticulously to the size of each nail, attaching, and sealing to last a few weeks. Evidently, many nail salons offer this look for the everyday-low price of ~$300. I think I'd pass on that price tag and just do it myself... and I had snakeskin laying around and had nothing better to do with it, I might've tried that. Unfortunately, I'm fresh out of snake bits laying around the house, so I'll just have to mimic the pattern with paint.

I achieved this look by mottling greens and browns, then stamping a sheer silver over them with one of my Bundle monster plates.


  1. Way cool! Love the look AND the color!

    Too bad I don't still live in East Texas. Had several snake skins lying around. Just outside the house, under the house, in the house. (after I moved, went back to clean up and there was a shedded skin over 5 feet long!) Guess I was gone longer than I thought. ;)

  2. 5 feet? That's petty impressive! Up there, I'd bet it was a corn snake. That, or someone's pet python got out and is now helping keep the rabbit population under control! ;)