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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer and I do not get along well. This is probably clearly evident by the month-and-a-half pause in posting. We can only hope the worst has passed, and we're on toward cooling climates! (crosses fingers Oh please Oh please Oh please)

In the meantime, I'm just puttering around in the AC and trying to keep boredom & housework from doing me in. (And squeezing in a nail design every couple of weeks)

One super-simple but fun design inspired by (surprise, surprise) Robin Moses, who just has a constant flow of awesome stuff for me to snag ideas from. She calls them "Conversation Nails", because you spend your time chatting while doodling the design. You can watch Robin's Tutorial, if you'd like to see the pro on how it's accomplished

Giraffe print for my bff, which she loved - even though even after wearing them for a few days she really wasn't accustomed to having that much yellow on her fingertips. She's really more of a plain old same old French manicure type girl. We've come a long way!

And for one fun & summery look I went crazy. Combination of Konad stamping with washes of neon polish across to make the design in shimmery, summery neons. And even put it on video, for your viewing pleasure!
... I'm still working on perfecting this part, really. This video is a bit crooked. To the tune of 90 degrees off. Oh, well. I'll learn ;)

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