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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Everybody recognizes that iconic pink ribbon showing support for current and past patients of breast cancer.

October is all about breast cancer. We know that breast cancer is not something only experienced by women, that men can get it, too - but the focus here does seem to be on the ladies. I'm all for the "Save the Ta-Tas"

November has a different focus, and this one's all about the guys. Movember is a movement that started in Melbourne, Austrailia to raise awareness and support for prostate cancer. It encourages supporters to set aside the razor this month and grow a 'mo'.

Try as I might, I've failed to get a good crop of facial hair growing to show my support. In leiu of getting facial hair replacement treatments, I'll just resort to art.

Alright ladies, let's get behind this one! The guys support Save the Ta-Tas. This needs a slogan, too. Power to the Prostate? Somehow, that doesn't work quite as well. Ah, well. Someone will find the perfect catch phrase soon, I'm sure ;)

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