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Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspiration between sneezes

Dots, stripes, and glitter make glam. I spent a week periodically having inspirational design ideas - when there was enough of my brain working to get an idea through.

I'm just getting over a nasty cold I got to share with my hubby... Gotta say, spending time at home together with nowhere to go and nothing to do is a lot more enjoyable when it doesn't involve loads of Kleenex. Oh, well, at least it gave me time to be creative. No full manicures, but I did make some singles that turned out really cute!

 This is a really neat pebbled design, mostly in shades of silver and shimmery gray, but with touches of color for variety. It has a very slightly marbled texture - enough to be interesting, but not enough to catch on anything. Best of both worlds!

Inspired by a college dorm room design bean bag I saw somewhere. Hooray for retro!

My first attempt at a braided design - definite potential. It's also more than a bit of a pain to paint. I'm thinking this one's not going to be a regular design, and there's NO WAY I'll be able to paint it on myself with my left hand. 

Another example of a nail that looks great and an unfortunate job getting a good picture of it. Stripes of matte and glossy rich royal purple, with accent stripes of green. You can't tell me Maleficent wouldn't love these! ;)

And the crowning glory - here's the glitter & glam. Part shimmer, part glitter, delineation via stones. I think this could be a great every-nail look for a LOT of glitz & glam (I'm thinking New Year's Eve party), or as a ring-finger masterpiece against others that 'pop' a bit less for a slightly less "Look At Me" look. 

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