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Friday, July 29, 2011


I finally caved and placed an order (a tiny one, just five samples - I'm being frugal!) from Inaz Cosmetics. They have some absolutely incredible pigments, and I'm supporting a Texas company. Whoop!

As I wear eyeshadow about once a year, I went ahead and dove straight into the glittery "Glam" line.

Their color choices are incredible, and my picture is not doing justice to just how incredibly bright these guys are. Especially the one on the left that just looks silver. That's Glam Rock, and is this incredible holographic glitter. It's completely a see-to-believe color. I will be sporting these proudly on nail designs in the very near future!

1 comment:

  1. These pots are stunning! The picture shows their brilliance but you really have to see them in 'real time' to capture their true "pop" and "wow" factor! Give Brie the opportunity to let you pick your color, then let her use her artistic talent to bring them to life! Simply Gorgeous!!