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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some original, but lots of influence

I started this with inspiration from a randomly stumbled across Youtube video - probably by julieg713, who has some really cute nail art tutorials, and a whole bunch of make-up vids. Unfortunately, I can't speak for the makeup or hair clips - I was just there for the nails, so I kind of ignored the rest of her stuff. Still, she was my first exposure to somewhat ornate nail art, and has some really cute fun stuff that got me started! Then, I started the wonderful world of searching YouTube for "nail art". That particular search has absolutely exploded in the recent past. Where I used to get a few dozen random hits, there are now pages and hundreds, Thousands of different nail art pictures. And reposts of people's interperetations of the designs. And new designs inspired by ones they'd seen.

And then, I found Robin Moses. And my fun jumped up a really, really big notch. She has awesome nail designs (just check her blog!) -- but not only that, I'm learning ART. Not just nails. The whole concept of what it means to layer, and how to outline by painting the shadow first, and... ok I'll stop now because I could ramble all day. But I have so much fun attempting her designs. I hope she can forgive me for mangling them, because so far, everyone I've painted them for have absolutely loved them ;)

The apple blossoms, dragonflies, and ladybugs are all influenced by Robin Moses. The blossoms & dragonflies I changed up a bit - the ladybugs are just a straight reproduction, and are one of my favorite designs so far. And the recipient loved them :)

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