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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I've just completed my second challenge proposed by a friend. The first was Computer Nails, kinda interesting.

I thought they all turned out cute, but my pictures were less than fantastic, so to subtitle: thumb says Windows: Press Any Key (the text on the Windows Blue Screen of Death). Then we have the Apple error screen, the Apple logo (hopefully everyone got that one), a circuit board, and the Windows logo.

This new one was 'sports'. I have very little interest in sports with the exception of the winter Olympics (No, not *only* ice skating, tyvm)

Soccer, Baseball, Nascar, Golf, and Basketball. Really like the golf nail - inspiration by Bob Ross, here. Note the 'Happy Little Trees' :)   I think I may do an entire Bob Ross manicure in memory of such a happy, slightly scary man.

So anyhow, I was proud of myself not only that all the designs I made turned out recognizable, but that I actually got around to doing them! I have a very long history of not doing things that bore me. Science homework was done before I left school for the day, but math was often put off until 5 minutes before class when it needed to be turned in.

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