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Monday, April 22, 2013

Branching Out

After a couple of years of nail fascination, my polish collection has become impressive.
While I'm willing to change out my own polish for experimentation on a pretty regular basis, I'm pretty sure there's still a limit on how many times a week you should paint your nails. 

Enter creativity. I've recently opened a store on Etsy for the purposes of selling the jewelery I make with beads, gems, and charms. And Polymer Clay creations.

Not that I've gotten around to actually listing anything, yet. But I've made the store, so that's a step...

In the process of trying to organize an over-sized polish collection, I've begun accentuating my scrapbook pages with little touches of shimmer from polish and then realized just how awesomely it could be used on pretty much anything. And I'm going crazy. Nail polish is an enamel. It dries hard, and it's not sticky, and it adds color and shimmer and interest to everything.

So now, in additoin to the jewelery I make with findings, gems, beads, and findings, I'm going to be selling beautifully painted re-purposed materials. These giraffe earrings were inspired by my BFF, who loves giraffes and would never ever ever in a million years be caught dead wearing anything as crazy as these. Or as fun. She's just stodgy that way ;)

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